Ford Falcon BA-BF 6cyl - Performance 1 ½” Primary


These GENIE Headers are a performance set designed to suit 6 cylinder Ford Falcons 4.0L BA to BF models, this includes Sedans, Wagons and Utes from 2003 up until 2008 when the shape changed to the FG. Although a 1 ½” primary seems like a step backward, extensive testing showed much higher gains in torque in this configuration.

Fitting Tip: When fitting performance extractors to this model Falcon, you will need to pull the oxygen sensor wire out from underneath the firewall for extra length.

Header Specs
Configuration TRI-Y
Primary Size 1 1/2"
Secondary Size 2"
Outlet Size 2 1/2"
Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
Body Style: Sedan/Ute/Wagon
Transmission: Auto & Man
Engine: 4.0L 6cyl
Part Number: GEN006HP
Fitting Time: 2hrs
Header Plate: FP255
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