About Genie Headers

Providing pure power for over 50 years


Genie Headers have been at the forefront of performance header design and development in Australia for over 50 years.

As a leader in our industry, we continue to improve on all our products and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Genie Headers has a dedicated team of skilled professionals, who take pride in their specific roles, including our development team who together have over 40 years experience in the design and development of automotive headers.

Genie Headers are sold worldwide through a team of international distributors as well as our local Australian resellers who are only too happy to look after any inquiry or question you may have.

We service a vast range of makes and models with a focus on maximizing performance and economy. Genie also develops high-performance category headers for vehicles with minor and major modifications (air intake, superchargers, cams etc).

So whether you’re restoring a Volkswagen Beetle, heavily modifying your V8 street cruiser or looking to ramp the torque on your bush bashing 4WD, here at Genie we can service any individual requirements you might have.


[testimonials speed=”800″][testimonial_quote name=”Jede Wood-Brown”]They are brilliant headers, I’ve had them on my car for over for 4 years now![/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Ecka”]I went with HPC coated shorty Genie 4-1’s and the result was outstanding. The tuner nominated it as “the best exhaust setup he’d seen” on an LS1.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”CHEV57″]I got a set of Genie Tri-Ys installed on my VT LS1, I’m very happy with the pickup down low and the audible V8 note over 2000rpm.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Shanfab”]The effort GENIE went to and the people I spoke to were great. So after that my faith in people is restored, there are still some genuine people in business out there.[/testimonial_quote][/testimonials]
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