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Welcome to the Genie Headers High Performance website.
Genie Headers have been at the forefront of headers design and development in Australia for over 50 years.

As a leader in our industry we continue to improve on all our products and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.Genie Headers has a very dedicated team of skilled professionals, who take pride in their specific roles, including our development team who together have over 30years experience in the design and development of automotive headers. Genie Headers are sold worldwide through a team of International Distributors as well as our local Australian Resellers who are only too happy to look after any enquiry or question you may have.
We cover a vast range which covers most makes and models, with key benefits of increased performance and better fuel economy being achieved.
Genie also has a large range of headers to suit High Performance Vehicles. So it doesn’t matter if you drive a Volkswagen Beetle a Heavily Modified V8 or Bush Bashing 4WD, here at Genie we can cater for any individual requirements.

What is a Header?
A Header is a specially designed exhaust manifold which improves engine efficiency and power by allowing the exhaust gases to escape from each cylinder in a faster more efficient manner.
Factory fitted exhaust manifolds are mass produced items which sacrifice engine efficiency and power output in favour of low cost production. The result of these restrictive manifolds are excessive turbulence and back pressure, reducing fresh intake volume into the combustion chamber, making the motor work harder to gain power.Less fresh intake – Low efficiency/Reduced power / Higher strain on motor / Higher engine temperatures.
Headers are designed to increase power and economy by allowing the exhaust gases to flow freely from each cylinder, therefore increasing the amount of fresh intake charge into the combustion chamber.
Fresher intake – making you vehicle more efficiency/increased power/less strain on motor/reduced engine temperatures.

Header Design
Not all headers are created alike. Different designs can have a great effect on engine performance. Many factors are used to determine header design and specifications including engine size, vehicle weight, gearing, and expected RPM range are considered in the development process. Genie Headers use two different design styles on some applications to suit different requirements of motorists.
1st Style is the Interference or Tri-y-Header. This design is more suited to standard and mildly modified motors, making more useful power at lower RPMS used in day to day situations and the occasional traffic light challenge.

The 2nd Style is the Tuned Length Header. This design is more specifically for motorists who run their vehicles at Higher RPM and heavily modified larger capacity motors.

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